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Water treeing in Middle Voltage cables

The excellent electrical performance of XLPE is the reason it is now used almost exclusively for insulating low voltage, distribution and transmission cables. While XLPE has far better resistance to moisture than paper insulation or PVC, moisture can affect long term performance of XLPE under the influence of high electrical stress. All low voltage and distribution cables can be installed without precautions, but some moisture protection is advisable for medium voltage cables and cables for sub-transmission. The use of metal sheaths for transmission cables is considered essential.


About Flame Retardant materials

Cable manufacturers must evaluate a range of properties when selecting a product as an insulating or cable sheathing material; properties such as electrical performance, mechanical properties including tensile and flexural behavior and, of course, the overall system cost. Another key parameter in the selection process is the fire safety of the cable – particularly the flame retardancy of the insulation/jacketing material.


We are ON!


After months and months of hard work and preparation, we had our assessment mid December 2016.

Upon successful completion our assessors left satisfied and wished good luck and all the best for us,
but we had to wait for the final paperwork and the certificate from NATA.

Today we received everything and this means WE ARE ON! We are NATA accredited and ready to help you!

You can see our scope here: scope-of-accreditation

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Approval of Building Wiring Cables

Lately we receive lot of questions about the mandatory testing and approval  of ‘Building Wiring Cables’.
It seems that many companies did not realize they are missing the January 2017 deadline to get their cable approved. Unfortunately, the situation is even worse  because the electrical safety regulators did not upload all the information to their websites or at least it is not easy to find, therefore we collected everything we could and updated
our site! See all of it right here and do not hesitate to contact us with any testing requests!

Testing of PVC cables

Have you ever wondered how cables are tested to ensure safety?
What sort of test are required by the standards and what properties do they quantify?
We found the following article, which describes the testing of PVC cables very well.


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