hhhHighly experienced engineers with in depth knowledge, we are CabLab.

Our versatile staff offers its knowledge and expertise in Australian and International standards and regulatory requirements.

Our team was built from the most experienced engineers with compliance testing background  and project managers of infrastructure industry who has hands on experience with Australian Utility, Engineering Procurement Construction and Australian Defence projects, thus we understand your needs and difficulties with tenders. All the different knowledge and experience possessed by our engineers makes a unique combination of the perfect team, and we are here to fulfill your needs.


We specialize in cable testing and we are equipped with globally well-known, top of range test equipment
to perform testing services, such as:

  • Sample and Type Testing to support your regulatory compliance needs
  • issuing accredited Test Reports that are accepted worldwide
  • issuing Qualification Test Reports (QTRs) to supplement your technical documentation for tenders


We have well established relationships with other accredited laboratories to be able to provide a wider range of services
as well as with JAS-ANZ accredited certification bodies to be able to gain Australian certificates, such as SAA.


Additionally we offer our experience and knowledge in the form of engineering services related to electrical products,
such as compliance engineering, pre-compliance checks, design evaluations, product development, measurements and experiments.
For further information please visit our ‘Non-accredited services’ page.



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