Batch testing and Quality Assurance

heat-aged-cable-1Would you like to avoid costly product recalls that can also damage your company’s reputation?
News spread like wildfire in the cable industry, especially if they are negative. There were quite many examples in the not so distant past. Infinity Cables, E Cables… both company was shut down. SKL Cables was under investigation too. And we still see the same problem happening almost every week!
But we have a solution for You so you can be worry free!

In today’s price driven world factories cut corners in order to decrease costs while maintain profit, and they do so because they are not at risk, an enormous damage will be caused only to the importer. Can you trust your supplier?


“My imported cables come with test reports and certificates. It was tested and it is fine!”

This is what we hear all the time. However, when we are requested to test them, we usually find that the design of the cable was altered after the ’golden sample’ had passed the test and the test report had been issued. The most often detected alterations are: decreased insulation and sheath thickness to save polymer, smaller wires or different bunching process to save copper, extensive use of reclaimed materials or even the use of completely new, untested raw material from a different supplier. Some of the worst cases found the test report to be fake after all.
Would you be able to tell the difference between a real and a fake report?


How does batch testing help you eliminate these problems?


Let’s say you order a big shipment from the factory. Before accepting it, you could send us some samples to be tested.
Ideally we would test it fully and see if it compliant but that is a lot of work.
Instead we can test a few critical items and compare our results with the report provided by the factory.
This will show if the test report is fake or the cable design was altered.
If we find everything in order, you can distribute the cable and you are worry free because quality is ensured.
But if we find any problem, you can reject the shipment and save you from trouble.
Later down the track, we can test the next shipment or so. The actual frequency of the test can be adjusted to your needs and batch testing can be combined for product ranges.


The key is, once your supplier learns that they cannot play with the quality due to periodic/random batch testing they are forced to give you 100% compliant cable! You can then further decrease the frequency but quality will remain.


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