Factory Auditing

Are youe40d35ca-143b-4a1a-b84e-12e2edd9ffbd looking into procurement of electrical cables? Are preparing a contract to supply large amounts of cable?

Do you wish to ensure the production will meet your costumer’s requirement and the factory is capable to deliver?

Utilize our expertise in the manufacturing sector to qualify your suppliers!


We have been working with importers across Australia in order to qualify overseas factories for certain projects and tasks. They engage us to visit the factory and audit them thoroughly to ensure the factory’s capability. The factory audit focuses on many different aspects from the tools and equipment used through the quality assurance system to training and qualifications of key personnel.¬†The information is then used as supporting documentation for large tenders. End users such as utility companies prefer the extensive audit to ensure the quality of the purchased cable meets all their requirement. Based on the audit findings they approve the factories where they accept the cables from.


This service is very powerful own its own, however works best and provides the highest possible quality if complimented by batch testing. Read about batch testing here.


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