Interview with CabLab at the ELECRAMA 2018

EPR (Electrical & Power Review) Magazine visited our booth at ELECRAMA 2018 and interviewed us. You can read the full interview here: CabLab helps starting a new cable biz in Australia

Water treeing in Middle Voltage cables

The excellent electrical performance of XLPE is the reason it is now used almost exclusively for insulating low voltage, distribution and transmission cables. While XLPE has far better resistance to moisture than paper insulation or PVC, moisture can affect long term performance of XLPE under the influence of high electrical stress. All low voltage and […]

About Flame Retardant materials

Cable manufacturers must evaluate a range of properties when selecting a product as an insulating or cable sheathing material; properties such as electrical performance, mechanical properties including tensile and flexural behavior and, of course, the overall system cost. Another key parameter in the selection process is the fire safety of the cable – particularly the […]

Testing of PVC cables

Have you ever wondered how cables are tested to ensure safety? What sort of test are required by the standards and what properties do they quantify? We found the following article, which describes the testing of PVC cables very well.